A little story about us

The Baked Goods was born from our passion for cooking and giving the best out of natural ingredients to create unforgettable authentic taste for our customers.

We truly believe in our tagline, “real ingredients and fulfilling,” because it is the real practice for us to produce good quality food from good quality ingredients in our home.

Each product is created based on heritage recipe with personal twist. Honestly sharing that my biggest inspiration for cooking comes from my Czech mother and grandmother.

Food is a form of art cultivated in our family tradition. Every product you enjoy are produced from generation – passed recipes combined with travelling experiences, being exposed to different taste in different culture. Both elements blend and produce unique flavors and food artistry serving dedicated to you. We also serve our beloved customers who are challenged to enjoy good food due to health problems. Our diabetic assortment is the perfect companion for our diabetic or dieting customers to enjoy with no worries.

Now not only you can enjoy our products in our outlets, but we can also bring the delight of The Baked Goods to your home or office via our catering service.

Enjoy the authentic taste of The Baked Goods!